How positivity works

Some three months ago, I stopped drinking alcohol. Well, to excess at first.

I thought I’d take it slow to begin with and still drunk the occasional beer here and there. I didn’t want to rule alcohol totally out of my life because I didn’t want to feel “different”, but that’s a story for another post.

A few weeks later, one evening, while visiting a neighbour, I had more than the one drink I had allowed myself in one session. And I got a bit tipsy. Not that tipsy, but enough to know that I had had a drink.

The following morning, I woke feeling really down and really didn’t have a good day. I realised then that alcohol was indeed a depressant, something I had never felt during the time I was drinking heavily. Of course during that time, if I was feeling down, I’d drink again as soon as I could, ie at the end of a work day, and all seemed fine again.

So I decided to knock alcohol on the head altogether and I have felt better and happier even since.

A similar realisation happened to me recently with regards to positive thinking.

For the past two weeks, I have felt extremely positive about my life and good things have started to happen. My world has become a nicer, friendlier place and I have had great uplifting experiences, even down to enjoying the medical procedure I had done last week which should have been anything but enjoyable, yet, it was a very uplifting moment for me, due to the friendliness of the staff (see thank you post below).

One evening last week however, I was troubled by something to do with this new relationship I am entering.

I wasn’t feeling all that positive, in fact, I was feeling pretty low. During that evening, a friend of mine posted something on my facebook wall about Cannabis and its possible effects on the brain.

I read the article and got offended. I deleted it off my wall and emailed my friend saying I had removed it because I didn’t want my other friends to know that (old) part of me. She replied saying she had only posted it because I had been saying that I believed Cannabis affected the brain and could cause mental health issues, and the article was proving me right.

Wow. So there she was trying to do something good and positive for me, yet, I took it as a personal attack. And all because I was feeling low that evening.

Now I know without a shadow of a doubt that YOU and only you can control your world.


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