Are you an addict?




Addictions have been on my mind a lot recently, especially since discovering I have a caffeine addiction.

There is so much I want to say on the subject though, but I am still learning more and more about it and I’d rather understand the problem properly before speaking about it.

However, I thought of something I wanted to share in the meantime.

How do you know if you are an addict?

Simples: stop whatever it is you do that might be an addiction for a week and see how it feels, physically and psychologically.

Push it even further: every day you badly miss what it is you are no longer doing, add another day to the week without.

That will give you a good idea if you have a problem.

This can be applied to anything you are doing over the norm: playing computer games, going to the gym, watching TV, drinking, alcohol or pop, eating chocolate, coffee, tea, smoking pot, gambling, sex etc

* You may want to check with your doctors before stopping some of the activities, the father of my friends who had a drinking problem went cold turkey after years of drinking and died within a week, his body couldn’t cope with the stress of alcohol withdrawal.

** I am not suggesting smoking because we all know smokers are addicted.


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