The best mood enhancer of all time!


Have you noticed how many main stream songs seem to be about love? Either heartbreak or trying to find love?

I don’t listen to main stream stuff at all these days, my taste in music might be considered strange by some (so I have been told), but I am a great lover of Electronic Music, Hard House, Electro house, Trance (esp Vocal). It helps me focus on moods, my mood.

The music I listen to doesn’t interfere with my mood through its words, it enhances it through its beats, and bass (I am a sucker for a big thick bass!)

I occasionally listen to music with words, such as Madonna, Nickelback, Louis Armstrong, but the songs are usually soul searching, empowering, hopeful and heartwarming.

When I went through depression, it was a whole different matter. Some of the music I was drawn to made me really sad. So I stopped listening to music for a while.

I’m glad Music is back in my life. I listen to it any time I can these days. When I’m online, I am usually listening to When I drive to work, I have House blasting through my car (House has to be heard loud for that hair standing in the back of your neck effect), it energises me to such a high level, great way to start the day. Same when I walk. When some of my favourite tunes come on, I even feel like running!

What does your music collection say about you?


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