Being positive is easy, staying positive not so much

Since “waking up”, I have found being positive is no work at all. So many little things bring me joy, I now wake up with a smile on my face every morning because I know today will be good.

However, I have found staying positive is another matter. Here’s why:

The world isn’t a positive one

For a long time now, without even thinking about it, I have cut out what I needed to to make my world a more positive one. For instance, I never watch or read the news, apart maybe from the local paper.

It all started after 9/11 for me. I was glued to the screen watching videos of people throwing themselves out of the towers, into certain death and after a few days, I couldn’t take it anymore. It upset me so much I had stopped living. There was nothing I could do about it, and all watching this gave me was pain. So I stopped watching the news afterwards. I don’t need to see how fucked up the world is, I know it. No need to get reminded every day. And I must say, my life is much better since.

However I think trying to cut any negativity from your life is a big mistake and very naive.

So I am learning to adapt to the negativity around me without it affecting my happy world. How? By helping where I can. This is problem number two:

You cannot change the world

When you experience a more positive life, you want everyone to feel the same, because it feels so good. You see what is wrong with the world and you want to fix everything. It can be a very overwhelming feeling. Obviously you can’t do this. BUT you can start with little things, and that’s what I am learning to do.

You cannot do everything

I look around me and see where and how I can help my little world be a better one for me and the people who live in it.

I am also learning patience. I cannot do more than I can.

So I am choosing my projects carefully and learning to let go of the ones I can’t get involved in straight away.

To do things right, you have to be able to give it your all. Some projects take time and emotions, doing too many things at once will only burn you out and frustrate you.

With my new found positivity I started to take action on issues that were close to my heart and started a variety of Groups on Facebook, one to help with the litter issue in my town, one to get lonely people together, one to quit smoking, one to…and the list goes on.

Someone mentioned in the Social Group that they are worried I am going to burn out at the rate I am going. I took note and I am now learning to slow down. None of these groups are going to be much good if I don’t give them the time and effort needed to ensure they work.

I have a lot more to write on the subject, but short on time right now so…to be continued…

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