Since embracing positivity I have discovered the wonderful world Facebook can be.

It brings so much pleasure to me these days, like one of my newest virtual friends describes: it’s my playground.

I love seeing what my friends from afar are up to, leaving a comment or a like here and there to show I’m with them, I love discovering new friends, I love sharing my thoughts, I love when they touch someone.

I particularly love finding out about the world through someone else’s perceptive, good or bad. It really is opening my horizons and helping me decide what matters to me most (people, animals and nature as it happens).

I am loving how my world is expanding now I am no longer scared of Facebook as I am happy within myself, confident and strong enough about what I feel that I can use it the right way.

I have recently opened my new wall posts to “everyone” (my past posts are not everybody’s business) and so far, it has been a wonderful thing.

I am seeing so much positive stuff that it has given me hope again, that I am not alone on this journey to living a positive life, lots of others seem on the same path, and together we can help change this world, bit by bit, slowly but surely, we will each have a tiny positive impact on this world and things can change.

And all that for FREE, here, anytime of the day or night – what more can you ask?

However, there is a lot of negative publicity about Facebook and it was bugging me. I saw the dark side of Facebook when I was suffering from mental health issues though, so I understand the debate.

This morning, I saw yet another article blaming Facebook for making people miserable and how people’s lives would be better off without it.

I scanned through the article’s comments and I saw right there what bugs me about the negativity against Facebook. And I decided to leave one comment:

Facebook can bring the worst out of people or the best, you choose which you want to be.

I’m done now trying to convince people that Facebook isn’t the evil they think it is. If they don’t get that (my comment) and what it says about them, their choice. I’m too busy having fun to care anymore! 🙂



Article about Facebook: Bad Facebook bad (read the comments and weep)


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