Wishing Upon A Star

What do you wish when you see a shooting star? For as long as I can remember, I’ve wished the same thing.

When I lived in Canada, my best friend (yes the one now with my husband) and I went to try and see a Meteor shower one night.

We saw a combined total of 20 odd shooting stars that night, it was a very special moment her and I shared.

During a camping trip too, my husband and I saw the mother of all shooting stars, quite by chance and we saw it together. It wasn’t your usual shooting star, it was like someone was drawing a thick line with a big marker pen. We both looked at each other after and said “what was that??”.

Before moving to Canada, I had never seen a shooting star, and God knows I had tried, but nope it wasn’t to be,

I went to see another Meteor shower recently and saw about 10 shooting stars in a couple of hours.

There really is something magical about them…

So what is my wish? Well I guess I can tell you now as it is happening. And if I understand the law of attraction correctly, if you want something, you have to put it out there: my one and single wish, every time, has been to be happy. Simples.

So many people wish for the wrong things these days, it worries me.



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