Sliding Doors


I had an interesting night last night. I went to bed early as I felt really tired, and woke up 3 hours later, to return back to sleep some 3 hours later.

During that 3 hours of awakeness, a lot happened to me, doors opened and I chose to close some.

I had mentioned in my Secret post at the very end that I realised I still loved my husband. Lately, he and I became friends again and I was able to recognise the man I had fallen in love with.

Last night, I decided to let him truly go. I posted this video on my Facebook page whilst talking with a friend about great love songs and I realised this was my song for him.

I had spoken to my mother about it earlier on in the day, saying I still loved him and she explained I will always love him but she felt me staying in touch wasn’t helping me move on. I agreed.

So last night I pointed him to the video on my FB wall and explained it was better we didn’t keep in touch anymore. He said if that’s what I needed to do, then fine. He also said he’d always be there if I needed him and he hoped I would be ok. My husband really is a good guy.

Truth be told, I will never get over him and my best friend together, so it’s best for me to leave it there.  I also realised last night that I still love every single guy I have had a relationship with, yet wish them all luck.

Some decisions may be hard to make, but sometimes, the end result is very unexpected!

To all the men I have ever loved:


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