My problem with Booze

Twice in my life, I have stopped drinking completely because I felt I needed to. 

The first time, some two weeks after my husband left me, the second three months ago, I can’t remember the date, nor do I care.

Each time, I had an awakening.

The first time, I didn’t want to believe what I felt and so a few months later, I started drinking again to mask how I felt about life. Once I was out of my depression, alcohol became part of my life again and I started drinking to “feel better”.

After the first time, I attended an AA meeting and was appealed by what I saw.

First of all, it isn’t God’s responsibility to get you out of the clutches of alcohol, it is yours.

Secondly, by forcing yourself not to drink at all, you let alcohol rule your life, yet again.

These days, I understand the term “appreciation”and I can now appreciate a nice beer. It’s not about moderation or abstinence, it’s about appreciation. Then alcohol doesn’t control your life.

I haven’t met many people in this life who understand that.

Because of my past history with alcohol, I have decided never to drink with friends, keeping the occasional beer I drink as a private pleasure. So far, it has worked really well, I haven’t wanted a beer very often, and when I have, it feels as it should do. I don’t even feel any effects at all, just the joy of drinking a nice cool beer. One.



I could go on and on about how dangerous alcohol is but there’s no point. Those with a problem deep down know they have a problem. Up to them when they decide to quit abusing it and start appreciating it. I did it all on my own, I’m pretty sure they can too…if they really want to 😉


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