Daring to live my dreams

There is one thing I have mastered the art in, so far, and that’s following the signs along the Road, as Madonna sung in Ray of Light.

Two years ago, after my husband and I separated and I was having, what I now know to be, my first awakening, I laid in bed one night, wishing so hard to sleep and wake up on the private Island my husband and I spent a few days after our wedding on Zanzibar. I wanted so badly to find us back there and with our beloved pets.

That was two years ago. A week ago, while floating in the floatation centre, they played a CD called Sleep and it started with the sound of waves softly crashing back and forth on sand, my mind went straight to that island again. By the time I reached the relaxation stage, my mind was fixed on the thought that I wanted to be back there again, I was then able to drift off for the rest of the session.

There was no place I wanted to be but on my own, on this private, semi-deserted island for Christmas.

I checked the prices and they were well out of my league, however, I decided to contact the Island, explain the situation, that my husband and I spent our honeymoon there some 10 years ago and we absolutely loved the place, and that unfortunately we are now getting divorced and I had had a hell of 2 years of emotional stuff to get through, that I was finally there but in dire need of a complete break before starting my life again on a better footing. I asked if they would kindly offer me a reduced rate.

I wasn’t expecting the reply I received: they drastically reduced the rate for me and remembered me very well from back then and “can’t wait to see me” they said.

And so last weekend, I booked the plane ticket.

I don’t do Christmas see, I haven’t got kids, my family is split, Christmas has become a chore. There is no place I’d rather be but my favourite place in the world: Chapwani, here we come 🙂


Me at Chapwani, reading one of my favourite books, The Life of Pi, which incidently, I discovered there from their little library.


And all the while I was doing all this, I was thinking of that little card I found, mentioned in my Signs from Above post….I have started to follow my dreams…god knows where this will take me!

By newpaz

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