What is being awakened?

I have been talking a lot about awakening in this blog and am conscious that not everyone will know what it means.

I am still learning myself, lots everyday, but felt maybe it was time to explain it a bit more.

Being awakened means you are fully connected with everything. It means everything you experience, everything you see, every moment of the day and night has meaning.

That’s really the best way I can explain it to those who are not awakened.

It is a big take.  And so I am surrounding myself more and more by what makes me feel good, I have to, as I feel everything deeply.

My Facebook newsfeed for example is filled with positive or powerful thoughts, funny videos, heartwarming stories.

The music I listen to is mainly Electronic, loving Vocal Trance or Chillout, but also groups like Faithless, and others that have a very strong message to deliver.

And I started to choose my battles carefully. I will only pick subjects where I feel I can make a difference, others I will absolutely leave alone, because I know there are issues but I cannot, as an individual, make a difference and so I leave that in the hands of powers that be and trust them that something will be done about it.

Every day, I am learning a new piece of the puzzle, about me, and about the bigger picture. I am lucky to be exposed to enough information to help me on this journey, and not too much that my brain can’t handle. I have also learned not to worry if I don’t understand everything, the little snippets of information that matter get to my brain.

I am absolutely not cultured, and, in a way, I think this is helping my journey. My brain isn’t bogged down with useless information.

I was speaking to the one of my friends I can talk about this last night, and after listening to me for a while, she said, sounds like you are reborn.

Yes, that is exactly how I feel. Reborn. My feelings are very childlike, I laugh easily, I cry easily too when I see something painful. I am starting to feel no shame expressing my feelings, to myself anyway, as I don’t feel the world, my world, is fully ready for me. If I opened myself fully, I will probably find myself alone, labelled as insane, as people tend to do these days when confronted with something they have no clue about.

It’s happened twice to me already, during my first two periods of awakening, I have learned my lesson.

And yes, I know I am taking a leap of faith with this blog, as a few people in my life know of it, but I am not scared. I think it is clear through my writing that I am not insane. And most of the people who know this blog address seem too preoccupied with their life to give it any attention.

One thing I need to be clear about, being awakened has nothing to do with religion. Absolutely nothing, although some religions have touched on the truth, none have got it right, and worst still, have created monsters who like to control people via fear.

Being awakened has nothing to do with fear. Everything to do with hope.

Being awakened is like the light has been switched on, and now I am taking time looking around the room, and seeing what is there, the bad, the ugly, and the good. Full awareness is not a bed of roses, far from it since you see everything, and frankly the world is a pretty messed up place. However, as I mentioned earlier, being awakened also means you have hope. For, if I feel this way right now, I am pretty sure a few people around the globe are feeling the same. In fact, I know they are as I come across them in the various pages I have joined on Facebook.

And although feeling disconnected at the moment, I know it won’t be long before, somehow, the awakened are called into oneness.

Deep stuff huh? Yep, pretty much, lucky for my “normal” life. I am so glad I have found my balance so quickly after my first awakening moments. Truly I am. Now I can finally enjoy life 🙂



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