The secret to happiness? Balance

Something that is becoming clearer and clearer to me is that what is wrong with this world is excess, of any kind.

I have become an observer in my disconnected state and can’t help but notice how people have become excessive in so many different areas. Mainly in their search of happiness, a better, healthier body and mind. Or in their escape from reality.

I am starting to understand what has gone wrong in the world is that little something called balance.

I don’t know if it’s the same in your world, but I seem to be surrounded by people who take anything to the extreme, particularly escapism.

People have forgotten to take the time to stop and smell the roses.

The more I think about it, the more this imbalance runs deep, from the vegan who thinks eating anything animal made is bad, to the working man who wants more and more money or power that he will become married to his work, to the fitness fanatic who will batter his body down at the gym days in days out.

And I have noticed it prevents people from having an open mind too. Each so convinced they have it right, know all the answers, when really, who knows the answer? Even I, who claim to be awakened, don’t know all the answers and doubt I ever will. And I am happy with that.

I am learning to live with the flow and it is wonderful. Learning to accept who I am, warts and all, while learning more about myself and the world, to make my experience of each moment special.

My favourite past time these days is watching birds in the sky. I can easily lose myself looking up at the sky and watch birds fly by. I have been really lucky to see some amazing sights of birds flying in groups right over my head. This gives me a great feeling of connection and awareness. And fleetingness.

I look at how my life is shaping up and I am feeling quite happy with what I see. Everything seems quite balanced. A bit of everything I need in the right dose. Even my thinking is calming down.

The only thing that seems to be going higher is my appreciation of life…:-)


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