The truth, the only cause worth fighting for

This morning, I am feeling really angry.

Yesterday was Remembrance Day. Remembering soldiers who died in WWI protecting nations as they were being invaded. Most of those soldiers were men just like your father, your brother, your husband, with little or no training about how to fight, even less the desire to. Yet, they had to fight to defend their country and many many died doing so.

Why am I feeling angry? Because their deaths seem to mean very little now. Other powers have taken over the world much more dangerous than the powers then. In particular THE super power, The United States of America.

I am feeling so angry about that super power that I can hardly find the words to express it. I am even more so angry that people join the military and are happy to fight and kill people in its name, feeling good about themselves that they are doing their duty. And even worse, some join the military as a means of escaping a reality back home, a chance of a better life, as was the case of the chap I dated recently. They are enabling the well greased monster to continue to grow without even ever needing to actually go to war themselves. How cowardly.

It has to stop. People have to wake up that only greed, power and control motivates those in power. People have to start taking responsibility in their hands for the senseless killing of thousands in the name of, of what exactly? They say in the name of Freedom and Safety they will tell you.

If they want Freedom and Safety, they best start a revolution back home and get rid of those individuals who control them through fear. Then I would be impressed.

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