Time for Action

I feel my period of observation is coming to an end.

During that time, I have learned a lot.

I have learned how thoughts transform your life.

I have learned how money is still essentially what motivates people, even the awakened ones.

I have seen there is a clear imbalance in this world, a fight between the Ying and the Yang, the feminine and the masculine.

I have learned how to escape from my mind healthily so as not to let my thoughts take over me completely.

I have learned that most people seem to think they know the answers when in truth no-one knows.

I have learned that people are actually in complete control of their lives but many do not realise this.

I have learned many “awakened” are desperate to find the answers, and look for them anywhere they can.

I have learned that the answers there are to know are found within yourself.

I have learned the power of self.

I have learned darkness is part of the process, part of everyone and the sooner people accept it, the better they will be.

I have learned that what you believe matters, even if it’s only to yourself.

I have learned to trust myself, fully.

I have learned to accept myself, fully, warts and all.

I have learned to trust my judgement, go with my gut feel.

I have learned that to have passion, you need to feel anger.

I have learned the world is still a selfish place, most people are driven by ego.

I have learned that true innocence can only be found in children.

I have learned that nature is the most powerful medication.

I have learned that music, and art, are vital pieces of humankind.

I have learned that animals are here to help me on my journey.

I have learned that balance is key.

What am I to do with all this knowledge? I don’t know yet.

In a month’s time, I shall be flying off to a private island in Zanzibar, my little retreat to process all this. People usually retreat to find themselves, I am happy to say I have found myself, now I need to decide where my life is going to go for I cannot have all this knowledge and stay the same.


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