Proud to be British, human

This morning, as you may have noticed from my other post, I had a lot of anger inside me. I hate feeling angry. I realise anger is a negative emotion, but I also realise it is part of the process.

Earlier in the week I got stupidly angry at a friend’s post on Facebook where she said she was praying for the people of the Philippines after the devastation caused there by the Typhoon.

“Praying?” I thought “yeah that’s really going to help them”. And then I thought, hold on, what am I doing about it? Nothing. So I decided I should start walking the talk and looked for a way to get involved.

I posted a note on the social group I created on Facebook asking if anyone knew of anything happening in the area. A member answered that there was a bucket collection outside a local supermarket organised by the Red Cross. Perfect.

So this morning, I took myself to the supermarket to get my bucket and stand in position, slightly anxious of what the following two hours would bring. Many a time I have noticed people standing with collection boxes looking rather sad and I have tended to walk past without looking at them. How would I handle this? Still, I put my best smile on as they say, and cheerfully and friendly asked people who walked past if they cared to donate.

The two hours that followed will probably always stay engraved in my memory. People from all ages and walks of life kindly donated in the bucket, some emptying their purse, others apologising it wasn’t more, some even thanking me for being there.

I was absolutely amazed by the response from people. Many many cared about what happened, some commented some deep heartfelt thoughts, “we really have nothing to complain about”. An elderly gentleman spoke to me how his daughter in law was Filipino, another how he had been fundraising this way up to two years ago, he was 83, kids loved watching the money go down, near enough every encounter made my heart smile.

I experienced an array of emotions for those two hours there that I shall never forget. It got me to reconnect with people, our true nature is good, genuinely. Life these days may feel like a struggle, but deep down, we are amazing.

The two or three idiots I came across this morning reinforced how I felt even more. Seriously, I just couldn’t take them seriously and even laughed in their face at their stupid comments, eg: the Philippines have done nothing for us so I am not donating. Felt good to feel this good that I didn’t care for these individuals one bit.

I am starting to understand that anger is a part of me telling me I am not where I should be. So I am listening now. I have said before, darkness is a part of all of us, listening to it guides us where we should go.

If I hadn’t listened to my darkness, I wouldn’t have experienced possibly one of the most incredible 2 hours of my life, doing what I could for a cause I believe in, and enabling other people to feel they were making a difference too. The British public really did me proud this morning.

I hear the world has pulled together too to help. Faith in humanity restored for me.

As I mentioned to a lady this morning who brought the subject up, I feel Mother Nature is angry and is putting humanity through the toughest tests.

Personally, from my view point, humanity is listening. What a relief.


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