Doing the right thing

I have had a real dilemma in the past few days. Something that happened in Canada that keeps revisiting me, so last night I decided to act upon it.

One evening, when I lived in Canada, my husband, who is now a pig farm manager there for a very large company, came home and announced that he wanted me to stop cooking pork, which I had been doing lots as, one, I thought I was promoting his industry, two, it was cheap.

He explained that they were doing a practice of sending pigs to the US where they could be pumped full of something I believe was a growth hormone which was illegal in many countries, including China – of all places – and then importing the pigs back in Canada.

This revelation sat uneasy for me. I must say I was pretty shocked my husband was happy to turn a blind eye to it. But, I drunk some more and smoked some more.

Now, this thought keeps haunting me. In the past few days, I felt it my duty to do something about it, however I was thinking hard about it because I really don’t want to get him in trouble.

Last night, I sent him a message asking what the name of that poison was with a view to approaching one of those real news companies and leave it up to them how to deal with it. 

This is my problem at the moment, I cannot let information like this go under the radar. In effect, the whole pig industry in Canada is happily poisoning its inhabitants in the name of money.

Recently, I have realised many big farming corporation will stop at nothing in the name of profit. You can never be certain of what you eat anymore. I have slowly but surely myself reduced my intake of meat, buying local produce where I can because I believe local farmers need saving, they are probably the only ones we can still trust. And they have accountability. Those corporations have none.

This kind of behaviour has got to stop.

By newpaz

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