Why I quit Facebook

Prompted by a comment on my entry about quitting Facebook, I wanted to explain my decision, now I have had time to think about it. As I said, these days I act on gut instincts and then I think of the possible ramification of my decisions.

One thing I would like to make clear is I absolutely loved Facebook. I talked about it in a previous entry on this blog. Facebook, like everything in life, is what you make of it and I loved my experience there.

However, since I have awakened, I see things for what they are these days and I started to see Facebook as a fake reality. In fact like probably most social networking sites, luckily though only Facebook had got its clutches in me. I am pretty sure the same principles and basis apply to other sites like tweeter etc

Only, recently, I started to realise I was part of the machine and I needed to disconnect, it was time to unplug.

Facebook is a great representation of the world today. Some people care deeply about what is going and are trying any way possible to spread their message about what needs changing, others are happy to live their life to the full with not a care in the world, others care deeply about their family and it shows through their posts. Others are very opinionated and have little respect for others and spend their time arguing. Others seek acceptance, validation, some use it as an escape and appear to spend their time playing games, the list goes on. 

I found Facebook fascinating really. A great insight into Humanity.

But there is a danger in Facebook in my eyes that you start to believe your own hype and achieve nothing.

I, like a few awakened I have recently come across, had started using Facebook to spread some of my newly acquired Wisdom. However I was starting to feel this wasn’t enough for me.

I would see the same or similar posters on those new friends’ walls, similar ideas, and I would just mindlessly click Like to give them a sign that I knew what they were talking about.

But as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am getting tired of observing, I now need to walk the talk. And I felt Facebook wasn’t the place to do this. Most of my friends wouldn’t understand where I am at, I don’t even fully understand myself. But I felt it was time to leave them in their little world. It is hard to be honest because I know I will miss this insight in their lives, but I feel my “calling” is taking me somewhere else and I needed to unplug to hear it.


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