My Ideal Man

As I was cleaning the kitchen floor, I got thinking about what my ideal man would look like, or more to the point, what he would be like. If I understand the Laws of Attraction properly, you have to be very clear what you want.

I had started doing this before I met my husband and he seemed to match the first three requirements I had come up with. I never got a chance to finish the process before I met him though.

I know this is a bit premature as I am still undergoing my journey and my needs might change, but I thought I’d put some thoughts down anyway, the ones that I know are true. It helps me focus what it is I want out of life too.

So, in no order, this is what I came up with:

– He has to love animals, and in particular dogs.

– He has to have realised alcohol should never be part of one’s life. The odd glass here and there is fine, getting drunk or even tipsy isn’t.

– Drugs are also a no-no. Although I don’t have anything against Cannabis, I believe you should be able to live a happy life without it.

– He has to be a deep thinker.

– He has to have a fun sense of humour

– He has to not take himself too seriously

– He has to have dealt with his issues and not have any resentment towards anyone who has crossed his path.

– He has to love nature, and water (sea/river).

– He has to love music, and in particular Electronic music.

– He has to have some passion for life and do a few activities on his own (ie independent from me) that he loves.

– He has to have gone through his own darkness and come out the other side.

– He has to be close to his family.

– He has to be compassionate.

– He has to do a job he loves, yet that doesn’t take over his private life.

– He has to be supportive, trustworthy, honest, open and understanding.

– He needs to be able to express his feelings fully, with no fear or barriers.

– He needs to be intelligent but not full of himself.

– He needs to have no “addictions”

– He needs to not belong to any religious groups, yet open minded, better still awakened.

– He needs to have a sense of adventure.

– He needs to be flexible and open to change.

– He has to be tidy, within reason. A sloppy living environment is a sign of a sloppy mind.

– He needs to look after his body but not be obsessed with his looks.

– And of course, he has to have a passion for sex/making love, be open minded and happy to try new things.


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