Time to get serious!

One of my biggest issues left to deal with is my weight.

I was looking through pictures earlier and fell on a picture of me 10 years ago and the weight difference was quite unbelievable. This was me then:


This is me now:


And still, this is one of the better pictures.

Some time ago I mentioned I went to the doctors and she said I was one kilo over obese. It traumatised me at the time. I knew I was overweight but not to that extent. I don’t want to be overweight anymore. Not only it has health implications but I don’t feel good carrying extra weight around.

Some time ago, I fell on something called BeyondDiet, a weightloss program more geared towards a change of lifestyle. I liked how it was presented and decided to purchase it. I have decided I am ready for it now. So I shall start it.

Feeling pretty excited to be back to my normal weight 🙂


By newpaz

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