The money issue – a little breakthrough

Last night, to cheer myself up after some heavy thinking about this whole money thing, I searched the net for my “dream home” and fell on the most perfect one, it’s called the Hobbit House, was built in the UK for about £3000!

This particular house won’t be for me, but it opened a whole new idea to me. Instead of thinking big financially, I can think small, reduce my living expenses as much as I can instead.

As luck would have it, when I was checking out the Hobbit House website, I saw a banner at the bottom of the page which was advertising for free, yes free, installation of solar panels on your home, all paid for by the government! And I heard today talking about it with a colleague at work that if you generate more electricity than you use, you can actually get paid by the utilities company for it, fancy that!

Seems there is a way for me to have financial freedom without making a ton of money after all, and I am now reassured that the right answer will come to me in due course 🙂


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