Disconnection is nigh

Only some 11 days before my trip to Zanzibar and preparations are well underway. I have all the  jabs I need, I just need to sort out the malaria tablets, and get some american dollars, and finish ripping my music to the MP3 players – I have recently received a waterproof one so I can take my music to the sea with me 🙂 the rest is pretty much sorted.

I have all the books I want to take with me now, I still need to pick up one last, which one of my customers recommended when I was telling her about my upcoming trip: Gone Girl.

I know I am taking far too many books with me, see previous entry about my selection. And I know I won’t get to read half of them, however, I like to have the choice, and also I am one of those people (are there even others?) that likes to read several books at once. And I don’t even care if I finish them. I remember the summer when I met my first love, I took 7 books with me. I don’t remember if I read them all til the end but I know I started them all.

My brain these days is like a sponge, one of my newest facebook friends said when I decided to leave FB. A sponge with a ping pong ball she said. I quite liked that image. It is exactly that.

See, for 43 years of my life, I missed out on the world out there, I much preferred drinking or smoking pot, partying, chatting non-sense with people, this kind of things. And so now I have stopped doing any of this, I see that there is a whole world out there, full of interesting stuff. I feel I have a lot of catching up to do. So much interests me these days, in fact, just about everything!

It takes a lot of discipline to carry on living a normal life when I could easily lose myself in all this. Luckily I can do that and not let any activities take over my life. But this trip to Zanzibar is a god sent, because for 7 days, plus 3 days of travelling, I will have nothing to do, no-one to speak to. Just me, myself and I and do all the thinking/reconnecting/discovering I want without any interference, no cooking to do, no household to run, no work to go to, no responsibilities.

Early this morning, I decided on a new “task” for Zanzibar too. I saw the film “Too Young to Die?” last night and it spurred me to want to write to people on death row. When I fell on Amnesty International’s website, there is a list of 11 people in Texas Death Row. As I started to read each profile, I realised I just couldn’t choose which to write to. Everyone of them struck a cord with me. And so I have decided I shall write an introduction letter to each of them when I am in Zanzibar.

Now, I understand it is a bit crazy of me to do this, as I understand each will need my full attention when our correspondence starts, I also understand the importance of communication to them, it’s not something you do lightly or to fill a void in your life, you are doing it solely for them. Because of what my life has become, I know I can give them the time needed. I also know I have a fascination for people’s stories so I will be able to treat each of them as the individual they are. The only thing that scares me to be honest is the fact that one day our communication might stop. The day they are put to death. I just don’t know how I will be able to handle that.

I have very strong views on the death penalty. In fact this view started when I was a teenager and one of my neighbours, a girl a few years older than me, told me about her views and Amnesty International. I have since been against it, and the more I grow, the stronger I feel.  NOBODY has the right to take someone’s life. I have mentioned my thoughts about this before when I talked about my friend in this entry. However, I realise that it happens. What I cannot agree with is “normal people”, people in authority, deciding that it is their right to finish someone’s life because of what they did. I cannot believe in this day in age the death penalty is still in place, especially in countries like the USA – although, that really doesn’t surprise me.

I am just glad I live in a country where it has been abolished.

To be honest, the whole prison system is absolute rubbish, but this will be a blog entry for another time as it is too wide a subject and really at this stage, I don’t want to think about it because I am powerless.

Zanzibar will be an interesting experience. The thing that I will find the strangest to be honest is being disconnected from the internet for that long.  The internet has sure become my lifeline to the world these days. As much as I am “disconnected” I am extremely connected to the world out there via it. Only this time, I choose what comes into my life.

Books, music, a writing pad and my thoughts. I think I can be happy with that 😉

By newpaz

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