Book crazy

Someone stop me please! So, there was a charity book sale in a DIY shop I visited this evening and I just couldn’t help myself. Books, books and more books – those won’t make it to Zanzibar though, one has to stop somewhere 😉

So latest additions:

A Minor Adjustment – story of a 6 year old down’s syndrome radio star – I have always had a lot of affection for Down’s Syndrome kids/people, can’t wait to get started!

Young Adolf – Hitler came up during my psychosis, during the 24 hours I was in isolation at the mental health place…I haven’t made sense of why he came up yet as the memory isn’t so clear now but I do remember it was an extremely painful moment for me. Anyway, I wanted to find out more about the person behind the monster.

Then We Came to the End – “Story about sitting all morning next to someone in the office you cross the road to avoid at lunch. It’s a story of your life, and mine” – I have a fascination for work relationships these days.

The Rapture – Countdown to the Earth’s last days – Haha, had to be bought.

Blown to Bits – “How the New Economics of Information Transforms Strategy” – not sure why, it was only 50p anyway 😉

Behold the Man – Time traveller who meets Jesus and find him to be a drooling idiot and has to decide what to do.

A brief History of the Future – The origins of the internet. Love the internet so much, wouldn’t mind finding out how this magnificent invention came about 🙂

The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole – Read it before some time back, Adrian Mole is always entertaining 🙂

The Passing of the Night – Story of a guy captive in the Vietnam war, with all the horrors that happened, more to the point, his survival, thanks to his courage and his faith.

Dead Famous – Ben Elton – not a clue what it’s about as the cover was missing (it’s a hard back), bought it because I quite liked the (free) book mark that came with it. And also the writing style.

I’ll need another holiday soon to be able to read all my books at this rate!

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