Learning to be independent

I am feeling really pleased with myself tonight…I have finally decided to listen to the men in my life, namely my husband and my dad, who have always been banging on at me to look after my car properly.

Now I am alone and I can’t afford garage prices, I am learning to do the basic stuff required to make sure my car has a long and happy life, and that I am safe.

So, this past week, I have been showed how to top up the oil and change a head light bulb. Wish there was a course in mechanics actually as I am feeling very empowered at the thought of being able to do these things myself. See, I have always felt it was a guy’s job and so never bothered.

I even borrowed a friend’s battery charger tonight as I needed to charge the flat battery of my old car that I am hoping to sell on Saturday. And again I sussed out how it worked all on my own – ok, it’s pretty simple but hey, trust me, I have never wanted to bother with these things in the past, and felt a bit powerless before, and useless!

Well, powerless no more, this chick isn’t scared of “men’s jobs” anymore 😉

By newpaz

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