Pondering on love

If I remember correctly, my first post on this blog was about love, what it was, or should be.

My lodger, who is leaving tomorrow, has his girlfriend over as I write. They’ve only been together a couple of days and earlier, as he and I were in the kitchen, we heard her say “Babe, I love you”, in a tone of voice that required a response. Which of course, he gave.

Aaaah young love, ain’t it sweet. They are only 20, bless them.

I remember the days of falling in and out of love so quickly and easily.

I wonder when I will fall in love again. It’s such a wonderful feeling. And I am hoping it’s a question of when and not if. I am “only” 43, surely I will meet someone again.

I know now is not the right time though, my life is in shambles and definitely not the best time to meet someone. He’d probably walk out within minutes of walking into my life.

I am an incurable romantic though, I still have faith one day love will find me again. I just hope this time, I will be ready 🙂

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