Healthy Eating Side Effect

I had a bit of a shock yesterday…one of those that puts a great big smile on your face that comes back every time you think of it.

I had a visit to the nurse for a regular woman check and saw a scale on the floor and I decided to check out how my healthier lifestyle is going weight-wise.

I don’t own a scale see. I have observed too many people fixating on that figure. To the point of obsessing over it. That’s not me.

So, I take my shoes off and jump on it, fully expecting to see the needle go to the 70 kgs mark.

Mouth drops…


I am so shocked I turn round to the nurse and ask “are those scales accurate?”, she says, “yes near enough, why?”

“Because they say I’m 65 kilos!!”

Last time I was weighed at her office, about 4 months ago I believe it was, I was 73 kilos. And I had been that a good two years.

73, that’s 11.5 stones, which, for a 5’2 female, isn’t good news.

I can happily concur: it seems that eating healthier and being a bit more active does work!

In the 4 months that I have been changing my diet [click for previous entry on the subject] to a healthier, long (the plan is for life) sustaining one and adding 20-30 mn walks to my daily routine, I have lost over a stone (8 kilos)!

I am still incredulous! 🙂

I had hoped my lifestyle changes would make a difference but I had never expected it to be so quick. This has now fully motivated me that my dream weight is actually feasible – the one I dropped to 4 years ago a couple of months after my husband had left me:

ME 2

(background is photoshopped)

Even the nurse was impressed, asking me how I did it (she has weight issues). Although, in the typical manner of someone wanting to piss on your fire, she also said to make sure I don’t lose too much. As if.

Bet the next (and last) 7 kilos to get to this weight won’t be quite so easy.

Still, as my lodger pointed out – imagine how well you’d do if you actually pushed yourself a bit exercise wise! – he is right, I think I might start running again.

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