The Facebook Experiment Ends…Begins?


Back in June, I created an anonymous Facebook account, as mentioned in this post and back in August I decided to de-activate my real persona account as it didn’t serve me anymore.

Today I decided to de-activate my anonymous account too. I only de-activated it rather than delete it because there are some thoughts I had expressed on there I wanted to capture for my “memoirs”.

When I de-activated it, I was presented with a choice of reasons for wanting to do such thing. I picked the correct one: “I am spending too much time on Facebook”.

Since being back from holidays, and after my internet sabbath, I have realised it wasn’t the internet I had an issue with, it was Facebook. For, despite the fact that I got to choose what I saw in my newsfeed, I was still bombarded by thoughts from others, and that was still addictive.

This life journey of mine started when I realised I had attachment issues and since, I have been adjusting my life so as to have little attachments. Except Facebook became an attachment, again. So it had to go.

I felt a bit lost for a few moments after I clicked de-activate. I ran through in my head how often I checked my newsfeed (too often, certainly from first thing in the morning and last thing at night) and wondered what my life will be like now I don’t have this crutch of sorts. Then I removed the App from my phone, it was taking 222 mb of space, I think my phone will thank me (it is constantly running out of storage space!). Then I started to get excited: a new challenge ahead!

How will I get my news? I never watched the news so why worry.

How will I get my thinking material? I have accumulated enough thinking material via books, podcasts etc in the past six months that I have barely touched.

What will I do with my time? Now, that is an interesting one. Possibly be more mindful of what I am doing. I have a few projects coming up, I think now they will get the full attention they deserve.

It may sound really stupid, but I am actually quite looking forward to seeing how my life is going to pan out without this distraction.

time to live

jess smith2


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