This past year, I have acquired a new skill: gratitude.

Every day I have felt gratitude towards many manifestations in my life. I realise that my new attitude towards life has meant I notice more positive around me and within me and I have had plenty to feel grateful about, always very humbly.

Not so long ago, I read an idea that I wanted to try out: a gratitude piggy bank. Simply putting money in for every gratitude moments you experience.

I finally found the right container: a tall thin vase which is useless for flowers.


As I started my gratitude piggy bank, I decided to add a twist: I will also put a note, with the date, of what I was grateful about with the money.


The idea is to spend the money every so often on anything you want.

This morning, I had a dream of a collage of torn up bits of paper with some words on it and it gave me the idea to create a collage with all my gratitude notes every month, and I have decided to spend the money doing anynomous random acts of kindness when the occasion presents itself.

I have no idea what shape that will take, however, I am very excited with the idea – just think – being able to give back from all the gratitude I have felt…a never-ending source of gratitude šŸ™‚


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