This Week in Short

I am finding it hard to find the time to express my inner thoughts on this blog these days because I seem too busy enjoying life, preferring instead to use my hand written journal to record memorable moments.

There is still much I would love to share so I thought I would start a “This week in short” catch up post.

My tune of the week (extended looped version, exactly like it plays out in my head):

The books I am reading:

The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution, prompted by a great video from Leo about Free Will:

In short the book explains how we are all machines and by realising this, you have a chance to enter full consciousness – my exact realisation since my self-actualization journey started: Know Thyself, Change yourself.

Being Genuine: Stop being nice, Start being real – all about nonviolent communication – I read this one during my lunchbreaks at work.

Kindle Book purchase of the week: The Obstacle is the Way – I fell on this whilst surfing. I feel no need to learn more on how to deal with adversity – I believe I have it pretty much sussed – however the reviews sold it to me – and I really like Stoicism as a way of being so I felt it was a good opportunity to big deeper into this psychology of life.

Emotion dealt with this week: my fear of love.

What put a spring in my step this week:

  • Music – I downloaded a few old favorites
  • The acts of kindness I had the chance to do
  • My new lover
  • Work
  • Driving my car to work on Friday, alone, with my new tunes
  • Night sky – seeing a moon dog walking Theo on Thursday night
  • Having a fun and friendly exchange with my husband when I messaged him jokingly to wish him a happy wedding anniversary on Wednesday
  • Discovering I have now lost 11 kilos since my lifestyle change – now down to 62 kilos (9.76 stones)
  • Being told my diabetes index has lowered to below the diagnosis level
  • Random fun connections I have had with people at work and outside.
  • My new cross training and abs exercise routine
  • Hearing my lodger, who seems to be getting really content and happy these days, tell me he finds me an inspiration.
  • Getting an email out of the blue from an old teenage boyfriend – who keeps in touch on and off since a few year ago, telling me he could see the 15 year old girl he knew in my face after I sent him a pic of me to show him my new lifestyle outcome.

Challenge of the week: finding out I have a high white cell blood count that will need investigating.

Also this week:

  • Trying out my anonymous Facebook account again – this time not wanting connections, using it as a source of information on subjects I am interested in (the mind mainly). I reactivated it from deletion (apparently, deletions take time to do!) to get something from it and decided to stay.



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