Letter to my Future Self

Hi 🙂

I am now shy of 46 – doesn’t time fly! – and I wanted to write to you – my future self.

I have no clue who you will be, of course, I can’t know, despite the fact that I am self-actualising, there is still a long way to go to know how this can shape you.

I will hope for happy, fulfilled and free.

More and more every day I get a sense, a taste of those states and it is encouraging me to think it could be a real possibility for you, my future self, to have cracked it: “Enlightenment” and make a remarkable contribution to the world, as currently I am staying shy of the outside world, feeling I need to develop my inner one fully first.

I want you to be unshackable, be a permanent “I”.

For the past few months, I have studied as much as I could get my hands on about human behaviour, with a view to understanding my inner workings fully. And correcting where I could or was necessary – an ongoing process.

It has taken hours upon hours of reading and listening to people “in the know” about such things, however it has felt like light work, I find you fascinating: who could you be?

I am fully aware now that this studying I am doing on you will shape who you are entirely.

In the past, I have let events shape me and I have suffered deeply.

One day, not so long ago, whilst walking my friend’s dog Theo, I cried with compassion when I looked back at my younger self. How tortured and lost she was – I wanted to cuddle her – just cuddle her in my arms – unsure what I would say to her, apart maybe sorry. Sorry that I had let her suffer this much before I woke up.

However, I am now awake, or at least awakening, and you will be different.

Can I aim for “wise”? Yes, let’s take you there. I don’t know what shape that will take, I haven’t met many wise people in my life, let alone women, however I feel it is possible for you to be wise.

You will be confident in your words and actions – you will have no doubts or fear – at least no made up ones, which they mostly all are.

You will be surrounded by dogs you love so much, giving them a better life than they may have had.

You will be emotionally and financially free.

You will have true love in your life, for yourself and/or another, and you will experience bliss and live personal freedom.

This is what I want for you, future me. I hope you are happy with it.



By newpaz

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