The Truth about Sex

naked body


The first time I saw this poster a while back – possibly two years ago? – it struck a cord with me.

Too many people use their body as a means to get to the soul connection, where it should be the other way around, at least these days where survival is no longer the primary reason for coupling.

I have also found that sex has a tendency to blur reality, particularly if it is very good, much easier to forget reality when the sex is good!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to loosen up a bit sexually, I had wanted to explore that side of me, and had hoped I could do it independently from the other aspects I seek in someone (Mind and Soul connections).

It turns out I can’t (explore that side independently).

As fun as this little experience has been, when it comes down to business, sex, to me, is worthless without love.

That statement from Chaplin talks a deep truth for me.

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