This Week in Short

My Tune of the Week – an electronic remix of a favourite (actually listening to three different remixes):


Books I am reading:

Still studying The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution. Some interesting stuff – my favourite is his description of the two parts that make man: Essence and Personality; much better way to put it than Soul and Ego I believe.

Emotion dealt with this week: sex

Things that put a spring in my step this week:

  • Music
  • Work – first week on the phones and aced it (closed over twice as many calls as they would have expected me to).
  • The Deli restaurant at work – those salads are just so yummy!
  • How full of notes my gratitude piggy bank is.
  • Seeing my pay cheque!
  • Feeling desired, although it was short lived when I realised desire is driven by attention (received) and therefore egotistical – interestingly, I have also realised you only desire someone for the effect they have on you, not who they are. Kinda put me off the whole idea.
  • Receiving a phone call from my dad, really happy to have received a good luck card from me (for his cancer treatment). His gratefulness was heartwarming and a little unsettling. I need to do more thinking about others.
  • On that vein, starting a gofundme page to help raise money to buy my disabled brother a Segway wheelchair type of thing, which he dreams of.



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