Addicted No More


I wrote previously I was sightly anxious but also excited that that Monday 15 February 2016 would be my Quit Smoking day.

I am writing now to report five days on that indeed, on Monday, I quit an addiction I had: smoking cigarettes.

Since Sunday, I haven’t bought or smoked any cigarettes 🙂

Due to the fact that I indulge in pot smoking however, I haven’t yet completely quit tobacco. The amount of tobacco I use in my joints however is negligable and I don’t smoke that much pot.

I don’t want to quit pot, I am very happy with my level of consumption and the positive effect it has had on my life – probably for another post – however I was scared of smoking it pure. For two reasons:

1 – I don’t want to smoke blunts, as they are called in that world (joints with no tobacco), because I don’t want to have my head blown up by the effect of pot (I don’t like feeling stoned),

2 – I fell on an article recently talking about a study that was done on the effect of smoking tobacco, pot and tobacco and just pot on the brain which revealed the pot/tobacco combination increases memory capacity, whilst smoking just pot reduces it. I don’t smoke pot to increase my memory, but I’d sure rather it didn’t destroy it!

My lodger suggested I used some left over rolling tobacco he had (he quit smoking three weeks ago) in my joints and I decided to try that. I hate the taste of rolling tobacco see so I thought it would work well.

And well it has worked: I actually feel completely free of my smoking addiction 🙂

There wasn’t a day at work where I “craved” a cigarette this week, barely a thought was given to smoking, I had got some nicotine replacement mints just in case, and I have probably had five in this past week.

And I really really don’t miss smoking – that, to me, is a result 🙂


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