Miracles Do Happen



I was surprised to see that it was only seven months ago I wrote this entry, vowing to myself that one day I would fit into that dress again, and feel as great as I did then wearing it.

(click on the pic for the entry)ME 2


Yesterday, I attended my best mate’s wedding, wearing the very same dress as above, which had been a dream of mine for a while.

A picture paints a thousand words…


I may not quite be there just yet on the physical front (there is still a little bit I need to lose), I have certainly surpassed the goal on the emotional front.

I have never been happier in my life. Which is also the reason why I have neglected this blog.

It seems when I am happy I feel no need to write. Or ingest crap. Or drink alcohol.


Priceless 🙂


ps: the quitting smoking hasn’t worked out however, and I have now decided, I am good with being a smoker. For the foreseeable future.



By newpaz

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