Love is in the Air

love sheldon

Something rather unexpected happened this week: I fell in love.

Seriously. Like proper in love.

I met him at the Tip on Saturday. I was there to trash the tons of flat-packed boxes my old lodger for some reason had collected and felt appropriate to leave behind when he packed up and left rather abruptly about the time I was sectioned in hospital (nice timing).

I was a bit “fuming” inside to say the least, a little proud too that this wouldn’t stop me, I could just get deal with whatever I needed to to get my life back on track.

So off to the Tip I went, not the best of moods and a car filled with cardboard boxes.

It was quite early and there were not too many people there. A chap in a bright orange jacket comes towards me. I am expecting the worse.

My previous trip to the tip a year or so previous hadn’t been a pleasant experience see, we, I was with my lodger, and people around us, kept being told off for putting the wrong thing in the wrong place as we couldn’t make out what needed to go where.

So I park by what looked like the cardboard bin and this bright orange safety jacket man comes towards me. I gear myself to be told off, put my best smile on and asked if it was ok to dump my car content (of boxes and some packaging material) into that bin.

He smiles back and says to me in, a broken English accent, “today everything is allooowed!!” as he walked towards my car and proceeded to open the car door to help me.

Wow, how nice!

He then tells me to open the boot so he can take the boxes from there. I tell him the boot is broken, still with a winning smile. Pretty much the smile I wear all the time these days.

He says, “no I will repair, no prrroblem”, asking for the car keys.

I tell him it is broken, but hand him the keys. I know how men work 😉

He climbs through the back seats and plays with it whilst I carry on dumping the boxes (there were a ton I kid you not, bit freaky actually why he had kept so many boxes!).

Moments later he comes out and says, “It isss broooken”

I laugh “Yeah I know, I told you” with a wink (and it should have continued to read “I told you but typical guy, you wouldn’t listen!”, however I am wised up this days ;-)”.

He says “take £5 [car thing jargon] and it is repaired”.

I look at him with a bigger smile (I had meant to get this looked at see), “I pay you £15 and you repair it for me?”

And numbers were exchanged to arrange repairs.

He phones me something like 5 times after that that day to arrange when to repair it (I think we had settled on the following Saturday, speaking and understanding each other was quite tricky see).

Sunday, more crap for the tip, so off I go again.

I park up, do what I need and decide to pop to the shop they have (of course). I find a couple of prints and a candle holder, and hear him in the shop, talking to someone he is about to help.

“He is so nice and helpful” I remember thinking.

I don’t want to disturb him as he is busy so I go back to my car with my purchases (£3 in total).

As I open the door I hear: “He-llo!” (he says it funny) and turn around to see him beaming at me. I think “wow he is a bit of alright”, that orange outfitting actually quite fitting (he has tanned skin).


We have a chat and I end up offering to bring him coffee during his lunch break the following day.

That never happened.

Instead, we fell in love.


By newpaz

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