Pride: The Home of Thomas Paine

This morning as I woke up at my usual time, albeit a little later than usual – 5 am – I am given time to reflect.

My thoughts drift towards Thomas Paine, whose Home Town I live in – Thetford – and I realise how very little the world has changed since his passing – the man was a hero of sorts, Google will give you a clearer picture of what he stood for, or rather died for: Human Rights.

As I am currently unlawfully sectioned, with no recourse whatsoever, and the more I have complained, the worse my situation has become, to the extent I have no choice but to make this home and make friends with fellow patients who clearly are not so “crazy”, I am grateful for shelter.

I don’t know Thomas Paine much, nor have I read his pamphlets, I just know he was a great man who fought for Human Rights, was exiled from his Home in the UK, escaped death in France by Chance to finish his days in America (The USA) where he died, all the while fighting for Human Rights.

I also know there is a statue in his Home Town of Thetford, with him holding a book upside down.

It is the talk of the town why the book is upside down. Some Folk thinks it’s to get Folk Town talking. I know the answer.

I figured it out a few days ago, before getting unlawfully sectioned again – for the second time in two months.

It isn’t to get Folks to talk, it is so that short individuals like me can see what the book cover says without needing to read upside down!

The book he is holding says “Rights of Man” – Now this is a book I am looking forward to reading when I am finally “Discharged” from here…In the meantime, Thank God for TV!!!

By newpaz