A Brand New Love


Now a few weeks have passed since I fell in love, again, I felt it was time to speak about it.


My new man Richard suffers from Aspergers. Now, I am not one for labels, as you will know from previous entries, however in this case, I understand what labels are.

I guess I never was one for labels because “they” want to label me Bipolar when I don’t believe I have this.

However, with Richard, I can see that there are some mental health issues out there that are real. His behaviour is certainly different to anyone I have ever met before and largely due to this “affliction”.

I find it endearing, however I will admit it is taking some real processing on my part to understand how this is affecting him.

It is fun though, because Richard can be read like a book, he is very genuine, honest and “laid bare” for all to see. Yes, he may lack social skills, however again, I find this endearing, no airs and graces with him, he behaves and tells it like it is.

Which also means his love for me is such a joy to experience. When he is happy, and he is a lot since we met, his care for me is nearly palpable, he wants me happy and well too.

We fit like a glove to each other’s personality, it is almost magical.

We did have a couple of bleeps where our baggage made itself known. We have both been burnt really badly in our previous relationship, by our marriages, and alarm bells would ring too easily if behaviour was similar to our historical relationships but by talking it through, we managed to get through it – the problem is we are living a long distance relationship of sorts as the hour drive between us and his early morning starts (he is a postman) means we cannot see each other during week nights often so we have to heavily rely on the technology at hand – texting and telephone calls.

It is so easy to mis-communicate by text though and we fell victims of this once or twice. Luckily we care this much about each other we managed to catch the issue before it snowballed into something damaging 🙂

I have now met one of his sons – he has three from his first marriage, ranging from 15 to 20 – and we got on like a house on fire – so much so that when it was time to say goodbye, I became really sad to let him go.

I am looking forward to meeting his other sons, one of which I have met already as he was the one who brought him in to the Mental Health Unit I was sectioned. I want to be part of this family. I never had children myself but I understand the connection/bond you feel towards your flesh and blood and I really want to be part of those children’s lives, albeit nearly all grown up. Richard has a lot of time for them and I would like to share some of this time in the future. Although I understand their needs to have me time together too and this is when the long distance relationship works a treat: it is giving us both time to build our own lives as well as connect together.

I love him with all my heart and that love is gratefully received, I am in heaven 🙂

By newpaz

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