A New World


Frodo.global is born!

It has taken a few months, mainly while sectioned, to develop the original website with an old colleague, Tom, and it is now ready!

It took one phone call and many messages to get it to where it is, a completely different idea from my original one too, however I am so pleased with the website.

Frodo.global came to me after I saw the advert for an elderly dog who had been passed on at a rescue place many many times because of her age.


It saddened me so much I wished I could open a rescue place specifically for the dogs passed over, namely the elderly ones and the disabled ones. How could I fund it? Frodo.global was born.

It didn’t stop there for me though, the idea snowballed into a vision that we can change this world:

the technology is there, the riches are there, it is just a question of putting them together and, while in hospital sectioned in July, a patient came up with the solution, a charity called AWW – Abundance World Wide – and so Frodo.global became the platform for AWW.

The whole thing will be forum based to discuss problems by Country/town/issues with a view to finding solutions. Once solutions are found, another group will make it happen.

The funding will go to enable this and also to pay the people who work on the site and making it happen.

It’s a pretty simple idea, one that can and will work.

The hard work starts for me now to get the site to go viral so the Rich (and possibly famous) buy in to the project. Without their money, it can go nowhere.

Here’s hoping 🙂

By newpaz

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