End of Year Review – 2016


It’s funny, many think this year has been harsh on me and wish me a better 2017, whereas I believe 2016 was a formidable year for me.

It has been the year I quit drinking for eight months, and in the process lose much needed weight.

It has been the year I started a new job for a great company and got a payrise within five months of starting.

It has been the year I fell in love twice.

It has been the year I launch frodo.global.

It has been the year I went back to Canada, Vancouver on holidays to visit my good friend Shannon, who I never thought I would see again after I moved back from Canada five years ago to the UK.

It has been the year I have finally found myself.

All very positive in my opinion.

Yes there was a bleep. A big bleep: it was also the year I got sectioned twice, Section 2 in July and Section 3 in September.

I suffered some stress related psychosis however and the only way the system works was by putting me in a mental health unit.

My experience there was atrocious at the hand and mercy of psychiatry, but I survived and it has made me more sure than ever that the system needs to be fought, those sectioning are plain wrong and barbaric and I can now fight the fight as I have plenty of ammunition through the mistakes they made with me.

My mind is clearer on the subject too, better able to handle any fights I have on my hands to reform a broken system. And fight I will as I NEVER want to find myself sectioned again. Too damaging, too disruptive, too brutal.

Let’s not forget I found love during my last sectioning either, and for this I will always be grateful. I never thought I would find the “right love”. Even with that Romanian I thought I had fallen in love with, things weren’t right.

This time around, things have never felt so right, it’s amazing.

So, as you can see, 2016 wasn’t a bad year for me, in fact I will remember it as my turning point year, the year I came into my own and became me.


2017 is a mystery but with Richard in my life, the plans are looking good. I might move, frodo.global might take off, my life might change completely and utterly.

I have my complaints to the Trust and Social Services that need resolving, and possibly take up to the Ombudsman, I have work to go back to, I have holidays to be taken, concerts to go to, life to live to the max.

2016 was full of excitement, 2017 is looking the same.

Onward and upwards, such is my life. I love it.




By newpaz

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