About this blog

A few facts about me, because it’s always good to know a bit more about that stranger the other side of your screen:

  • I am french, born and raised, and now live in England, where I moved to when I was 19.
  • I work as an IT Service Desk Analyst and I absolutely love my job
  • I love animals (particularly dogs) and nature
  • I love Electronic Music
  • Both my brothers were disabled, one has polio, the other, who passed at the age of 23, was brain damaged from birth
  • I left France to escape a very difficult relationship with my mother
  • I had a very lucky childhood, spent all my holidays in Morocco where my grandparents lived
  • I am 45
  • I don’t have children
  • in 2011 I suffered a manic episode (the first in my life), shortly after my husband left me, which turned into a psychosis when I was still living in Canada and was sectioned.
  • I suffered a depression up my return to the UK
  • In 2012 I suffered another manic episode, again with psychosis and was sectioned for 2 weeks
  • Six months later, I “relapsed” and got sectioned for a few weeks. Then suffered a major depression when I was signed off work with no transport as my driving licence had been lifted temporarily (4 months)
  • I haven’t experienced any manic states, psychosis or depression, mainly sans medication, since my last episode in Feb 2014.

One comment on “About this blog

  1. Allo my friend, how are you? I realized yesterday that I hadn’t seen a post from you in quite some time and went looking. You had gone. So, I recalled reading your post about the diary and thought maybe I’d reach out here.
    Drop me a line. I’m missing you.

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