The secret to happiness? Balance

Something that is becoming clearer and clearer to me is that what is wrong with this world is excess, of any kind.

I have become an observer in my disconnected state and can’t help but notice how people have become excessive in so many different areas. Mainly in their search of happiness, a better, healthier body and mind. Or in their escape from reality.

I am starting to understand what has gone wrong in the world is that little something called balance.

I don’t know if it’s the same in your world, but I seem to be surrounded by people who take anything to the extreme, particularly escapism.

People have forgotten to take the time to stop and smell the roses.

The more I think about it, the more this imbalance runs deep, from the vegan who thinks eating anything animal made is bad, to the working man who wants more and more money or power that he will become married to his work, to the fitness fanatic who will batter his body down at the gym days in days out.

And I have noticed it prevents people from having an open mind too. Each so convinced they have it right, know all the answers, when really, who knows the answer? Even I, who claim to be awakened, don’t know all the answers and doubt I ever will. And I am happy with that.

I am learning to live with the flow and it is wonderful. Learning to accept who I am, warts and all, while learning more about myself and the world, to make my experience of each moment special.

My favourite past time these days is watching birds in the sky. I can easily lose myself looking up at the sky and watch birds fly by. I have been really lucky to see some amazing sights of birds flying in groups right over my head. This gives me a great feeling of connection and awareness. And fleetingness.

I look at how my life is shaping up and I am feeling quite happy with what I see. Everything seems quite balanced. A bit of everything I need in the right dose. Even my thinking is calming down.

The only thing that seems to be going higher is my appreciation of life…:-)

Mental Health: Why I refuse to be labelled

Following my two, what the medical profession calls Psychosis, they tried to label me Bipolar.

I fervently refuse this diagnosis, and have found myself going against the flow from the medical profession but also from the mass of people who are happy to accept such diagnosis.

From my observations, being labelled seems to be a means of explaining your behaviour: I can’t help it if I (insert whatever behavourial issue you fancy) it’s because I am (insert whichever diagnosis).

I refuse to accept that because I firmly believe we are responsible for our own actions.

We react to ourselves, to whatever experience we have lived that makes us who we are.

Until we take responsibility for this, we are not going to change.

And so being labelled gives you this sense that it is ok to carry on on that path, without needing to question the deep rooted reasons why we are such. Worst still if you take the appropriate medication, all will be just fine.

There is a reason why you “misbehave”, why you don’t feel you fit in and you need to embrace it rather than deny or suppress it. This is how I became awakened.

I have found I need a lot of emotional stimulation, and so I have found ways to get this. Eg, the pages I have registered with on Facebook talk about love, self improvement/discovery, scientific stuff, posters that make you think.

I have found I have problems relaxing as my mind seems forever active, and so I have found alternative ways to relax. Eg floatation tanks and taking baths in silent, by candlelight, or listening to music whilst driving.

I have found I am a deep thinker, and so I have found ways to express my thoughts. Eg, this blog.

I have found I have problems sleeping for long periods of time, and so I go to sleep when I am tired and complement with naps when needed. I also now have little organised at weekends so I can properly relax.

I have found I get bored easily and I have a short attention span however I am very curious, and so I have found a variety of activities to get involved in which stimulate my needs. Eg, getting involved in all sorts of short activities.

I have found I had emotions stemming from experiences from the past that had been left not dealt with, and so I confront them, one by one as they arise. Eg, see previous entries in this blog, The man who broke me, My cross, etc, I talk to my parents regularly too about issues I need to resolve. Also issues at work.

I have found I lack confidence expressing myself in public, and so I am going to learn. Eg, I found a public speaking group in my town.

I have found I cannot exercise the usual way, and so I am looking for activities that will help me exercise as well as doing something else. Eg, learning to modern Jive, will also soon be getting a table tennis table.

I have found I get stressed easily, and so I have found ways to avoid stress in my life. Eg, I spent time organising my paperwork so I don’t spend hours looking for stuff, same with my wardrobe.

I have found I am over sensitive and have a lot of empathy, and so I have adjusted my life to only let in what I can handle. Eg being very selective of who I let into my life and the images that are displayed in my newsfeed, not reading the papers.

I have found I need to feel I am making a difference to this world, and so I am taking steps to make a difference to my world. Eg the Social groups I have created on Facebook, one which deals with getting people together and the other to tackle the litter issue in my town, volunteering at the animal rescue center, soon to get involved with “wellbeing” group at work.

I have found I need to know why I am here. And so I am looking at the options and what spirituality means.

Knowing yourself without labels is what enables you to thrive and adjust what needs adjusting so you can be a happy, balanced person. Not medications, which numbs your brain, nor listening to the experts or people who seem to know best, who have no clue about who you are.

Only you know who you are. It’s your job to make yourself better.