Final words about the Law of Attraction

I have spoken a lot about that Law throughout my blog, and I know it works, as I have done some testing of my own and have found indeed I got what I wanted when I put it out there in the universe. I have always had a problem with this Law though. Every video I see of people “selling it” makes me cringe.

I remember the first time my husband and I fell on the book “The Secret”, we laughed and we laughed reading it parts of it. This book was actually the beginning of the Law of Attraction.

This entry I wrote the weekend of my psychosis might give you an idea of how I feel about this book: My Secret.

I have been thinking about this Law this morning and wondering why I have such a problem with it when I know it works. And I realised it’s because I have never seen anyone put it to good use. Everyone out there who swears by the Law of Attraction seems to only want money. The people who speak about it in videos, sitting in their grand homes, are always trying to sell you something or other to “enrich” your life in ways you wouldn’t think imaginable. Usually it includes big houses, a high flyer job and a posh car.

In my mind, the only way to enrich your life is by becoming whole. And no amount of money is going to give you that.

So I shan’t be speaking about this Law anymore. And anyway, I don’t like the word “Law” either.

The money issue – a little breakthrough

Last night, to cheer myself up after some heavy thinking about this whole money thing, I searched the net for my “dream home” and fell on the most perfect one, it’s called the Hobbit House, was built in the UK for about £3000!

This particular house won’t be for me, but it opened a whole new idea to me. Instead of thinking big financially, I can think small, reduce my living expenses as much as I can instead.

As luck would have it, when I was checking out the Hobbit House website, I saw a banner at the bottom of the page which was advertising for free, yes free, installation of solar panels on your home, all paid for by the government! And I heard today talking about it with a colleague at work that if you generate more electricity than you use, you can actually get paid by the utilities company for it, fancy that!

Seems there is a way for me to have financial freedom without making a ton of money after all, and I am now reassured that the right answer will come to me in due course 🙂

My Life Project

When I first started this blog, I had started on a positive journey. It soon turned into a deep soul searching journey.

To be able to be truly positive, you have to explore all part of your making, the light and the darkness to fully understand who you are. You have to understand what makes you who you are, learn and unlearn everything to find what is real, what is your core.

Well, I did my fair bit of that, grateful for my “psychosis” which has pushed me in corners that many haven’t been before. Looking back, I see that I truly came face to face with my deeper darkness through this and I am glad to say I was able to come out the other end.

I have done a lot of thinking in the last few days and realised I had come to my Prison Break point. I will admit this scared the hell out of me. Because there was no way I couldn’t follow through but I just didn’t know how it would happen. And then I decided to let it to faith.

Yesterday, something came back into my life at just right time. I took part in a web session from the Law of Attraction which put me back on track on what I should do.

Now I mentioned before I saw the Law of Attraction worked in my life before I even knew what it was. When I suddenly let go of my past and started to be happy with what I had, good stuff suddenly started to come my way.

I did some tests when I fell on the Law of Attraction, like asking for a bigger screen TV for cheap and poof, one materialised a week later through a friend, for free! The same happened when I asked for a good car for cheap.

The idea is actually very very simple. It’s about visualisation. You write down what you want, in as much detail as possible, think about it occasionally and it somehow comes your way.

That web session took it one step further. It explained about doing a visual board of what you want your life to be. Even better if you can do a video one, accompanied by special music that means something to you.

The board or video should contain every single details you want to be your life, the car you want to drive, the job you want to do, what hobbies you want, the positive messages you want your life to be, your connection to society etc etc

And so this is what I shall start doing – I am so excited, I have so many ideas 🙂

The Law of Attraction

Recently, I have realised a lot about the Law of Attraction, as my previous postings will show you.

The principle is if you want something you put it out there and “the universe” gives it to you.

I started to understand how positivity worked a few weeks before I came across that law, although I had heard about it before and didn’t really believe its power. Thinking about it this morning, its power had started to work for me when I became free of the chains that tied me and became truly positive, without even realising it was that force which was at work.

However, since, I have learned that you need to be clear what it is you want to be able to get it. For instance, if you want a specific car, you need to write down the exact make and model, colour, even add a picture of an example car, and think about it every so often, and eventually, somehow it will come to you.

I am a bit stuck with that Law. Because, really, I have all I want. Yes of course, I would like a better car, better paid job, better something or other, but “things” just don’t matter to me.

This morning I wrote an entry about all I ever wished for was happiness. Pure and simple. Or is it?

When I had my Psychosis, on the evening of the main event, I realised I had got my wish, I was starting to feel truly happy. And I said to “God” or whatever you want to call this higher power, that I trusted him to know what it was that would make me happy. Because he would know me better than I knew myself.

My wants are bigger than any material things could give me. As I said above, and in my earlier post “Happiness is a mental illness“, I am very happy I have what I need to be settled. It’s the rest of the world that worries me. It’s what’s happening to this planet, its nature and its living things (including people of course) that worries me. Not which car I am going to be driving or whether I will meet the right man for me.

For me to be happy I’d need to know, feel, see that things are changing for the better, that the homeless are being looked after, that abuse stops, that everyone has access to food and water, that this planet isn’t doomed.

And I said to this higher power that evening that I knew there was nothing I could do to make a big difference, enough to make me happy. However, I said to him now I have faith, faith that things will get better. And that job, I was happy to leave with him. Afterall, it’s his job.