My Life Project has started

I am so excited this morning, I have finally started My Life Project 🙂

Yesterday morning, I fell on a video from the chap at MindMovies and he shared sample videos of what his vision was on various areas of life, love, money, spirituality etc. I thought I’d start watching his and this morning, I felt inspired to start my own. I don’t want to be watching someone else’s vision of what the perfect life should be, I want to create my own 🙂

And so last night, I started to download lots of pics of things that make me happy, and this morning I downloaded a free video making software and started to play with it. 

My first video is entitled Love, and here is the first draft. It will change lots as I get ideas and inspired but this will give you an idea of what My Life Project is. Spot the typo too haha!