Sleep issue

After three manic episodes which I believe were triggered by a lack of sleep, I had made sure I got plenty of sleep since accepting my diagnosis.

Last night wasn’t a good night, I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours and I must eventually have fallen asleep as I woke up this morning with the usual anxious thoughts going round in my head – this time the anxiety was around, what if the drugs don’t help? what if I carry on having manic episodes, let alone depressive ones, despite taking medication?

There’s been a change of medication lately and I have now dropped the Olanzapine I was taking for mood stabilisers. My care co-ordinator suggested the change, saying Olanzapine wasn’t a good medication to be on, especially if there is a history of diabetes in the family, which there is in my case.

I am feeling slightly anxious how the new meds will work as I have taken Olanzapine on and off for three years. I know it also has helped me sleep too. What if the new meds don’t work the same, worst still, don’t work at all?

Yep, the morning anxiety is alive and well. I hope last night’s sleep issue is just a one off.