Try this little experiment


So you want to know what it feels like to live in a positive world?

Try one of these, for one day, to see what happens:

For one day, be extra courteous when you drive, let cars pass and pedestrians, smile at them and wave thanks as they cross your car.

Or for one day, just smile at everyone you meet, push the experiment further by just saying Hi too and make eye contact, still with a big smile.

You’ll see. It’s like magic.

Let me know how you get on too if you’d like 🙂




Negative Positive Thinking




Here is the perfect example of negative positive thinking to me.

One, you can’t smile when you are feeling like shit.

Two, life feels way too long when you are unhappy.

Three, if you feel like crying, you should cry, whether or not it’s “reasonable”

Four, if it makes you want to cry, it ain’t worthless.

I have recently started to look through positive thinking quotes and found so many negative ones I decided to start my own Facebook page of positive thinking quotes, also injecting some humour into it, because when you truly think positively, you want to have fun.

Positive thinking should never be at the expense of someone else. You cannot be thinking positively if you still have anger, hold grudges, have unresolved issues or low self esteem.

Working on yourself first is the only way to be truly positive.

And any that mention God really put me off. No, it’s not thanks to God, or his big plan that you can be happy, it’s thanks to you.