The secret to end all secrets! Honest (y)!

Here’s my secret to a happy life, very simple, and I promise I won’t charge you for it:

THE SECRET IS……………..have no secrets.

BE TRULY HONEST about who you are, what you stand for and don’t worry, the rest will follow.


BE MINDFUL of others in the process, because they are people too and have their lot they are dealing with, they get tougher when they are in denial, but nothing is impossible.


IT WON’T BE EASY, depending how many secrets you carry around with you. 


BE PATIENT…if you can, I must say I still have problems with that one 😉

YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES – learn from them.


FREE FROM THE CHAINS that tie you down, you will probably get to this stage:


VERY POWERFUL FEELING at first, so try and stay grounded and balanced. Surround yourself with people you feel SAFE around, and STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE – absolutely imperative, they will try and DESTROY you.

THINK SMALL – thinking too big will drive you crazy, I promise.


USE MUSIC: cannot praise DI.FM enough for accompanying me on my journey, particularly chillout and vocal trance channels.

GET CLOSE TO NATURE. I use long walkies with dogs, who are my absolute passion, to chill out and get back down to earth.

This little guy is the one who introduced me to this passion, Frodo (RIP)


I have unleashed my mind now, and my journey can start. This is who I aspire to be:

ImageBecause only PEOPLE can make a difference to this world, and they need all the help they can get.

I also seek to become this again:



This is me two years ago before I put the weight on comfort eating. Yes this is a photoshopped pic, a new Art these days. You can never capture reality through a lens, memories are kept in your heart.


I am not going to be seeking problems, I am very happy having fun in my life and getting to know people more and more, because I have realised I just love people, warts and all.

Once you learn to love yourself, you’ll get that.

I have started little projects that compliment this very well, a Social Group on Facebook to get people from my town together. Very simple idea, yet extremely rewarding.

Here is an email I recently received from a member/now friend:

“In a few short weeks you have helped me turn my mood round and stopped the downward spiral I was heading for. That shows you care and I will always be grateful for that x

Before 1st meeting spent 3 days in the house without seeing a single person and cried pretty much constantly because felt no 1 cared and i’d made a big mistake moving here but couldn’t tell anyone as would have felt a failure. Now know thats not true I just needed someone to make me see with just a little effort on my part I can make my life so much better still away to go but getting there with a little help from my friends “

How good do you think you’d feel if you could do that for someone? It’s easy, you just need to sort out your shit and then be there for others.

BE PROUD of your achievements but always be HUMBLE: You won’t get there without the help of others.


I have also started a Clean up Group to try and sort out the litter problem in my town. I’ll concentrate on this a while and when my work is done, I’ll move on to other issues that bother me.

ONE STEP at the time though, very important to learn about being patient. 


I have chosen Facebook as my medium for expressing myself now. Works best for me, each to their own though.

I will leave you with some thoughts that have helped me get there:






Be good, do good, feel good


Pot isn’t so cool either but it has its benefits.


(Oh, and I have realised that despite all, I still love my husband deeply. I’m ok with that)