Trust no-one

Since being awakened, I have started to have trust issues.

Not entirely surprising I guess after the man I love left me for my best friend I hear you say, but it goes deeper than this. I am starting to realise I cannot trust anyone, because people are human, and thus affected by all sorts of issues I know nothing about, which will make them behave in ways I have no control about.

I guess this is where my feeling of disconnection comes from. It’s ok though as ultimately the only person you can trust 100% is yourself, even if some can’t even do that.

I used to trust people at the drop of the hat, everyone I would meet could become my best friend. Now I am wiser. A very good thing as it will prevent the disastrous friendships/relationships I got myself involved in in future. And this attachment problem too. People come, people go and I am happy to accept that now. Such is the circle of life.

I trust my family though, that’s a plus. And there is one or two people in my life I trust as well.

The more I discover myself, the more I feel able to trust my judgement. Priceless 🙂